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Birth Zone

Antenatal Education

Victoria Keenan - Company Founder

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If you're interested in the services that are offered by Birth Zone, you may well be interested in its founder and how the concept evolved.


It took me and my husband about 2 years to conceive our first child.  That time was full of valuable lessons and lots of research.  I had researched doulas (non-clinical birth supporters) and found my doula, Suzanne Howlett, before I was even pregnant!  I am so glad that I did because she was worth her weight in gold.  Her passion and trust in birth, along with the education that we received from her, enabled us to have a positive, empowering, and safe birth experience.


I became a doula in 2007 and have taught different styles of hypnobirthing since 2010, but I was compelled to explore the science of pregnancy, labour, and birth in more depth.  In 2021, I graduated from Oregon State University (USA) with a BA in Anthropology, minoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, and a certificate in Medical Humanities.  I then completed an MPhil in Health, Medicine, and Society at the University of Cambridge (UK).

Understanding more about how the human body has evolved to function during birth has been life-changing for me, and I absolutely love sharing what I have learned with parents-to-be.  I find it especially rewarding to connect with birth partners who might initially feel unsure of their role in the labour process.  Birth Zone courses and events provide parents with the foundations from which to build their skills and confidence by highlighting up-to-date research, exploring how to weigh up and manage individual risk factors, how to effectively work with medical care providers, as well as sign-posting to the broad range of support and services that are available.


So please join me and allow yourself the time and space to prepare physically, mentally, and emotionally for the most powerful journey you will ever experience.

Warmest regards,

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Victoria Keenan
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