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The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme hypnosis sessions and mp3s



The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme hypnosis sessions are as follows:

Cloak of Protection (session delivered in class)

This is the first session that our expectant clients will experience.

We know that whenever someone shares a difficult birth story with a woman or she watches a dramatized birth on TV there is potential for the creation of fear which can cause a negative impact on her birthing experience.

This session helps our expectant clients become more aware of their inner strengths, confidence, and skills, in fact anything that makes them feel powerful. The cloak is then able to protect them, shielding them from any negativity, causing it to bounce off of them and preventing negative messages about birth from impacting on them.

Relax with Nature (available via mp3)


Relax with Nature is the main mp3 that our expectant clients will listen to. It introduces them to their ‘cottage by the sea’ and sets the scene for Cove of Confidence and Sea of Serenity. It works with colour and nature both of which are proven to promote emotional positivity. Positive suggestions are woven through the sessions to inspire confidence for birthing. Listening to this mp3 regularly helps to provide reassurance for our expectant clients and helps them to focus on their baby’s birth in a positive way.

Bond and Breathe (session delivered in class and also available via mp3)

Bond and Breathe is a lovely progressive relaxation with the added twist of teaching a useful technique for calming the mind and promoting comfort in the body.

This technique provides a great way to ensure that expectant mums are relaxed and calm between surges* during labour.  It also provides a very quick way for the birth partner to bring them back into a deep state of relaxation should something upset them at any time.

Birth Partners Script (session delivered in class with practice carried out with birth partner at home)

This script is taught in class so that the birth partner is able to support the expectant mum with her practice of all of the tools for labour that she has learnt.

Cove of Confidence (session delivered in class and also available via mp3)

The Cove of Confidence is a very gentle emotion release session. This session forms part of the fear and negative emotion release work that we do, to ensure that there is no conflict for our expectant clients, and they feel able to focus positively on their baby’s birth.

Sea of Serenity (session delivered in class and also available via mp3)

This is the birth rehearsal session. As with the other sessions it has lots of suggestions about birth being a positive experience but this time with more of a focus on the labour itself and using the waves of the sea to link with the imagery used for the surge* breathing – “waves of relaxation”.

Whilst any of the mp3s can be listen to during labour…Sea of Serenity has been specifically written for this purpose.

Birth Affirmations (available via mp3)

Although the Birth affirmations aren’t actually a form of hypnosis and in fact are listened to consciously it is worth mentioning them here to point out the difference. It is in fact the only mp3 that can be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery

They are positive statements written in the present tense to help women practise new ways of thinking about birth. It helps get the conscious mind in sync with the aim of a positive birth experience and gives an alternative for any negative thinking.

*  Surge is an alternative word used to describe contractions when teaching The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme classes.


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