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Birth Zone pampering prenatal education retreats Dubai, UAE

"Birth Zone provides pre natal courses and events, to prepare both body and mind for an empowered birth experience and confident, instinctive parenting."  Emirate Parent plus magazine

Birth Zone, Dubai UAE birth preparation classes, antenatal prenatal education

Feel mentally prepared.


Informative seminars are offered on a range of topics that are relevant for the journey to parenthood.  Gain access to vital information about alternative issues, that basic antenatal classes may not cover.


This is an opportunity to make informed decisions, empowering you and your birth partner to be active participants in your experience of birth.

Birth Zone prenatal pregnancy antenatal yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, belly dancing classes

Feel physically energised.


Gentle exercise and alternative therapy sessions help to keep you supple and serene.  


Find passionate maternity specialists on the Birth Zone Directory who will guide you, working at your own comfort level, in your preparations for a healthy pregnancy and birthing process.

Birth Zone Spa Yoga Retreat

Feel spiritually soothed.


Learn how to find your place of inner peace so that you can feel serene wherever you are and whatever life circumstances you are dealing with.  This skill enables you to deeply connect with your pregnancy, your body, your baby, your inner self, and your partner.

Receive a gift bag that includes samples and vouchers to treat yourself when you attend a Birth Zone event too!

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