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Birth Zone pampering prenatal education retreats Dubai, UAE

"Birth Zone provides pre-natal courses and events to prepare for an empowered birth experience and confident, instinctive parenting."  Emirate Parent Plus magazine

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Know Your Stuff

Feel mentally prepared.


Informative weekly seminars are offered on a range of topics that are relevant to the journey to parenthood.  


Gain access to vital information about the physiology of birth and scientific research that could impact you, which other antenatal classes may not cover.


This is an opportunity to make informed decisions, empowering you and your birth partner to become active participants in your unique birth experience.

Pregnant Woman and Partner
Fathers and Birth Partners

Find your place.


If watching One Born Every Minute has left you feeling more worried than ever, whether due to the frightening editing and tension-building background music or because fathers are often presented as unhelpful or in the way - STOP!  


Turn that show off and use that time to learn the many ways you can be a well-informed and competent birth support partner.  When you feel like you've worked together and are a great team during birth, it sets you up for calm and confident parenting.

Ely, Cambridgeshire.  England, UK
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