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What will I learn?

We have hand picked pregnancy, birth and parenting specialists from the UAE community to give our participants long standing connections with a wide range of service providers.


They will give informative and engaging presentations which will leave you feeling confident and prepared for whichever path your pregnancy, birth and parenting should take.      

Birth Science

Birth Science


Knowledge is power. In birth, there is no knowledge more powerful than to understand how your body works for you and how you can enable it to do so.


Even many women who have experienced giving birth could not accurately explain what was happening within their body throughout the birth process.  We use the term 'contraction' to describe the action that our body is taking to birth the baby, but most do not know how it does that.


The simple, yet detailed, scientific information that will be shared in this seminar can be life changing.  It will give you a new perspective on birth, will change the way you will visualise your experience and prepare you with tools to deal with labour effectively.


Hypnosis for Birth


All hypnosis is self hypnosis and it is a skill one develops to become deeply relaxed, in order to access their subconscious mind. Hypnosis is merely a term used to describe a focused, relaxed, meditative, or prayerful state of mind.


Many people feel that they cannot identify with the term 'hypnobirthing'.  Hypnosis conjures up ideas of stage hypnotists and disreputable characters. The modern understanding of the term however, is quite different.


There are various different methods of hypnobirthing, all of which work from their own foundations and core beliefs.  This taster session will give you an indication of whether this may be a topic that interests you and will give you some tips that may benefit you during your labour.




A Doula is a non-medical birth companion that can complement the care from your medical provider, so that you feel safe and supported.


The role of a Doula varies, depending on the needs of the woman and the skills and interests of the Doula.  But there is a growing position for the service of Doulas, particularly here in the UAE, because of the high numbers of expat families and the lack of support from friends and family.


Some Doulas work with the woman and her partner, if she has one, throughout pregnancy to build their confidence and sign post to research and services that may help the family in making informed decisions.  Research shows us that even if the Doula does not meet the birthing woman before labour, the benefits are still gained.  During the birth process, the Doula's consistent presence means the woman does not feel isolated or abandoned and allows the birth partner to take a rest break if necessary, without the Mother going without the emotional support she might need.  The Doula will assist in keeping the woman and the birth partner comfortable and will do what needs to be done so that the partner or Father of the baby can remain with the Mother.


Other Doulas may work as post partum Doulas, offering practical and emotional support.  She may help around the house, offer child care so that the Mother can have a rest or a bath or be a listening ear and a positive presence if the woman is having difficulties.


In this seminar you will learn about the statistical benefits of Doulas and how they can be a part of a supportive team, including your medical care giver and your husband (or other birth partner who is unfamiliar with birth).




Many people are unaware that they have a variety of options to consider when it comes to cord and placenta care.  This is often a topic that is overlooked and can be an area of regret and disappointment at a later date, upon discovery of the unknown risks and benefits.


In this session we will explore a variety of issues, including:

•  Physiological third stage

•  Delayed cord clamping - The facts

  Methods of clamping

•  Cord burning

  Lotus Birth - Omission of clamping and cutting

  Placenta Encapsulation

  Placenta Prints and Art







We believe that breastfeeding information should only be distributed by those who are trained appropriately.  We have selected qualified and experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBLCE) to deliver information that you can trust, in a world where it is far too common for people to give misleading and inaccurate advice.


We also feel that information is just the beginning.  Support is a strong factor in healthy and successful feeding relationships.  We hope to connect women with the resources and support groups that they may have need of further down the line.


We understand that not everyone chooses to breastfeed or has the circumstances or support to enable them to do so.  So we feel that it is important to talk about conscientious and safe bottle feeding.  Guidelines have changed in recent years and it can take some time for people to become aware of the new requirements. 







Some people focus soley on getting so far as the birth and then realise they had not even considered the realities of caring for a baby or child.


This session will introduce concepts that will allay fears and debunk long held myths.  It will offer some perspective on how to respond and think about situations, and most importantly, will encourage confidence, logic and instinctive parenting.


Topics include infant massage techniques, sleep needs and development information.




Birth Partner

Birth Partner


Modern men are expected to meet very high standards of care for their partners during birth, are given little to no information or support and are commonly berrated for falling short of these expectations.


Our final day focuses specifically on the role of the birth partner and works to equip them with tools, tips and skills that they can employ throughout the experience.


The confidence that is built through feeling competent and capable as a birth partner follows through to feeling competent and capable as a Father.  It can bring a couple closer together than ever and foster feelings of mutual respect and self esteem.




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