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How can you deal with a child that bites, in a gentle way?

When we face challenges as parents, sometimes we look outside of ourselves to other parents, our families or friends for a guide to how we 'should' deal with the situation.

Some people have very strong opinions about how undesirable behaviour should be tackled and will advocate reciprocal violence, corporal punishment or shaming. It can be very difficult not to feel corralled into utilising these techniques if many others around you agree and you are desperate for things to improve, even if it makes you uncomfortable or upsets you.

Women particularly are told from a young age that there is something wrong with them. "You're bossy", "You talk too much", "Girls aren't good at Maths", "Girls can't play football" and this continues into womanhood, "Women are unclean", "Most women can't give birth naturally", "Most women have problems breastfeeding".

This negative stereotyping affects men too, "Men are useless in the birth room", "Men aren't good with babies", "Men aren't gentle or caring”. So it seems logical that many people will go on to question their parenting instincts too.

Many modern schools of thought are reflecting on the delicate and subtle balance that mammals have developed in order to survive and thrive. In doing so, we can strip away the social and cultural norms that have been established in relatively recent history and get back to basics.

Every day scientific research shows us yet another example of how modern practices can be harmful and damaging to us on a physical and psychological level. It is time we give the respect back to parents, back to children, back to humanity and along with this will come the responsibility of parents to protect their children and regain their innate strengths.

Birth Zone retreats work to empower parents and acknowledge the value of their task in raising the next generation of our society.

If you like the sound of what we do, you can book a place for you and your birth partner on the first retreat of its kind in Dubai, on September 18th 2014 by clicking HERE.

If you have been affected by any of the topics that we cover, we would love to hear from you, contact us at to share your story - we are listening.

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