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Can dates affect your pregnancy?

As a Woman, a Mother and a Doula, I am always fascinated to learn more about the subtle nuances of our female bodies and the process of birth.

I had read about the effects of date consumption when I was pregnant, but at that time I was not familiar with the fruit and had assumed that I would not like it. I am sure this stemmed from childhood and I had simply not revisited it in adulthood.

Moving to the Middle East has done a wonderful job of opening me up to new experiences. Arriving in Dubai just before Ramadan gave me the opportunity to share in the wonderful Iftar meals that break the fast of the Muslims in my community.

Part of this religious observance and custom includes starting the meal with dates, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and supported by science, which acknowledges the many health benefits of doing so.

What is particularly interesting is that in the Holy Quran, Allah asked Mary to eat dates during labour also.

Read some more information about the mighty date in the short piece I wrote for Mother, Baby and Child Magazine out this month.

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