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What's all this about Diaper-Free babies?

As is Birth Zone's usual way of looking at things, if you strip away all of the modern/social/cultural teachings and expectations, things make much more sense. Babies are infant mammals. Infant mammals are very smart and have great survival instincts. One of the instincts that most mammals are born with is not to soil themselves. Elimination Communication works from the premise that babies do not WANT to soil themselves and that we actually TEACH babies to use nappies. Think about how newborns will often pee in your face as the air hits their bottom when you're changing their diaper! They learn that they should urinate and defecate when covered by something and then you have to teach them NOT to pee in the diaper. If they never learn that, they will retain their instinctive urge not to pee and poop on themselves. Now doesn't that make a lot of sense?!

A lot of people are scared off because they assume that elimination communication will be hard work; well, buying, changing and disposing of a zillion pooey nappies, as well as dealing with nappy rash is no walk in the park either.

Click HERE for just one of many people's experiences with EC.

Click HERE for a list of books on the topic.

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By attending a Birth Zone retreat you will explore a variety of research and evidence based topics that are relevant to women and families in the Middle East.

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